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The mattress of new generation. It combines the advantages of an independent spring block and unique filling memory foam.

Springs of cylindrical shape, each of which is placed in a special clip The clip is made from thermal fiber and soldered on all sides. The technology of soldered pocket eliminates thread of the fibre at joint position of the fabric and prevents the release of the spring from the pocket.

Mattresses are made on the basis of this block, and are able to respond on the body of the sleeper. Due to optimal load distribution the independent spring block provides a comfortable conditions for sleep and promotes maximum relaxation of the people.

Mattress "Memory" has an unique ability to perfectly fit to every part of the body and repeat its lines providing correct support and a feeling of lightness.

Mattress with anatomic effect is such mattress, when people lie down on it, they spine is in a physiologically correct position, without any tension. 

General characteristics
Type Mattress
Characteristics of supporting system
Type of the spring box Independent spring block
Spring block height, cm 18 cm
The number of springs 210 springs per 1 m2
Characteristics of mattress
Filling system polyurethane memory foam with height 40 mm,; polyurethane with height 20 mm; frame consists from polyurethane height 100 mm
System of high comfort All layers joint in a process of deep stitch. Stitch on sintepon. Cotton, perfumed fiber, aloe vera
Ventilation There are 4 tapped holes on the end rail of double mattresses, which ensures ventilation
Weighting on 1 sleeping accommodation up to 80 kg
Hardness 1 of 5
Height, cm 29 cm

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